“Similarly, the most difficult decision is where the one deciding is not standing at a remove from the decision (as with someone who is not a Christian deciding whether to become one), but where it is as though already decided. Here the difficulty of the decision is two-fold: first that the earlier decision only looks like one, a possibility, and then the decision itself. If I am not a Christian and the decision is to become one, Christianity then helps me to become aware of the decision, and the distance between us helps just as the preliminary run- up helps the leaper. But if it looks as though it were decided, then if I am already a Christian (i.e., am baptized, which is after all only a possibility), there is nothing helping me to become properly aware of it; on the contrary, there is something (the added difficulty) that prevents me, namely, the semblance of decision.”

philosophy by kierkegaard
game by greg karber

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